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My Story



I have been a secondary teacher for the last 48 years and  September 2020  I decided at last to hang up my board rubber and have a change of career path.


Throughout my life one of my main interests has been crafting, in particular sewing, cross stitch, knitting and crochet. Over the years I have sewn varied items ranging from my own wedding dress,  crocheted and knitted 2 ply lace like baby shawls, made fancy dress outfits for my children, filled my walls with cross stitch projects and sewn dresses and shirts for my children and now my grandchildren.

I need to keep busy and it makes perfect sense for me to follow this passion and keep creating and so I have decided to turn my hobby into a small business venture.  I have been lucky enough to have a workshop and loved having my own space where I can create as I want.  I especially enjoy making toddler outfits from sun dresses and jackets to vintage style dresses, dungarees, skirts, blouses  and shirts and then embellishing many of them with embroidery to make them quite unique. 

The garments are made in a non-smoking house in rural Kent.

I don’t  want to create a production line with rows of garments all the same, so I am creating handmade toddlers clothes with a few of each material before going on to another patterned fabric.  That way they become almost individual in their own right, even though I may make  a few - they are often different either in size or have different embellishments.  Therefore sizes will be limited and when those garments are gone they are gone. 

Over time I will see where my market lies and make more, although varied items, of the popular sizes and styles.  I do not have an order book as such but if you have anything you think I can help you with I am always open to ideas and would love you to contact me on my email below with suggestions as to what you want, and if we can agree on material I would be delighted to make if for you using any of the embroidery designs if you so wish (delivery times to be determined on contact).  


Here are some of my happy customers in my homemade garments



charlotte - dress.png
Oliver shirt.png
Matti - shirt.png
Zoe and butterfly pinafore.jpg
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